At a time when our country is struggling with the fundamental question of Government’s role in our life, David Sater represents a common sense conservative answer to ensure a prosperous and free future for our state.

Job Creation: Missouri must provide an environment that is friendly to business growth and put Missourians back to work. Not only are we competing with other countries, but we are competing with other states for jobs. As a small business owner, David has fought government regulations for 30 years to keep his business alive.  He understands that government needs to get out of the way so we can get to work.

Healthcare: As the only pharmacist in the Missouri Senate, David will fight to make healthcare affordable for all, without taking away the rights of citizens and giving them to government bureaucrats.

Taxes: For the past ten years Missouri has been able to balance its budget without a tax increase. This must continue. Taxes, like government, must be kept in check to preserve individual freedoms and liberty.

Pro-life: David is unabashedly pro-life and believes in the sanctity of life.

The Second Amendment is an essential element of our Constitutional rights. David will defend those rights.

Big Government:  David believes we need to fight burdensome regulations coming out of Washington D.C. like the EPA’s band on dust for farmers, Obamacare, Cap and Trade or the thousands of others that are changing our way of life.   As your next state senator, David Sater will make sure Missouri keeps the balance of power in check as outlined in our Constitution.